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Christmas Rolling Pin: Complete Guide (2023)

embossed rolling pin

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about the Christmas rolling pin, including types, recipes, reviews, where to buy and more. Let's get started!


Say what you like about kitsch Christmas traditions, but the Christmas rolling pin is one festive archetype we’re not interested in living without. We’ve got the full scoop on these fun additions to any kitchen — let’s roll!

  • Christmas Rolling Pin Types
    • 3D Christmas Rolling Pin
    • Embossed Christmas Rolling Pin
    • Christmas Rolling Pin Set
    • Christmas Rolling Pin for Cookies
  • Christmas Rolling Pin Recipes
    • Christmas Rolling Pin Cookie Recipe
  • Christmas Rolling Pin Reviews
  • Where to Buy Christmas Rolling Pins
    • Christmas Rolling Pin on Amazon
    • Christmas Rolling Pin on Shopify
    • Christmas Rolling Pin at Walmart
    • Christmas Rolling Pin on eBay

Christmas rolling pin

Christmas Rolling Pin Types

Yes, there are different types of Christmas rolling pins. Choosing the wrong one could mean anything from a total baking flop, to even ruining Christmas for everyone (imagine!). That said, choosing the exact right pin for your lifestyle and needs is fairly simple. These are the rolling pins that you need to know about:

3D Christmas Rolling Pin

The epitome of Christmas rolling pin decor is that of a 3D one! These unique creations bring magic to every inch of your baking tray, offering age old nostalgia that is, quite literally, reminiscent of a kid on Christmas!

3D pins are simply Christmas rolling pins with designs. These designed are three dimensional, so they push into your dough and leave behind the pattern that is displayed on the pin itself. 

Brands are getting more and more creative with 3D pins as the years roll on. The scenes are usually centered around the traditional Christmas spirit. Think mistletoe, reindeer, candy canes, snowflakes etc. 

3D rolling pins are easy to clean. Even trapped dough can be simply soaked off with warm, soapy water. They’re great fun for kids as they make time in the kitchen a little more exciting. 

Embossed Christmas Rolling Pin

Embossed pins are similar to 3D ones, as they also “engrave” patterns and images into the given dough. These are fantastic Christmas rolling pins for baking as they’ll take average cookies to semi-professional looking. 

Instead of 3D designs, these pins have embossed imagery that is engraved into the wood (or plastic) of the device. The engraving invites the dough to spread up into the empty space, leaving the pattern or image in the dough once you roll away. 

Again, wonderful pins for children who need to be entertained throughout the baking process. Embossed pins tend to get ingredients trapped in the gaps, but easy enough to rinse out with warm water and soap. 

Christmas Rolling Pin Set

What’s better than a rolling pin? Multiple rolling pins. Christmas is a diverse and creative time, so being limited to just one pin design seems like an unnecessary setback. We’d encourage our readers to opt for Christmas baking sets where possible, because it generally means you’ll receive at least three pins with different designs.

More than this, a Christmas rolling pin set will come with other nifty goods to use in your creative baking process. Shaped cookie cutters, pattern making tools and oil brushes are typically standard in most Christmas sets. 

These sets will take your baking skills to the next level. You’ll go from simply preparing cookies for Christmas feast, to baking all of your individual Christmas gifts and passing them off as store-bought! 

Christmas rolling pin and a cookie

Christmas Rolling Pin for Cookies

All of the aforementioned rolling pins are ideal for the purpose of making cookies at Christmas time. There is generally no specification for the type of dough that one has to use for these pins. The only prerequisite is that the dough is properly floured and not at all sticky (or your patterns will be destroyed in the peeling away process). 

Cookie doughs work great, however those that contain chocolate chips are generally not a good match for embossed rolling pins. The chips aren’t able to shape into the engravings, leaving a lumpy and uneven final product. 

Also, if you’re intended to make quite a substantial batch of cookies then we recommend opting for a wider pin. Short pins don’t cover a lot of ground in one roll, and things can get uneven fairly quickly. The wider the pin, the easier it is to roll the entire surface area of your dough without lifting and replacing over and over and over…

Christmas Rolling Pin Recipes

This article wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t offer you some favorite recipes to whip out come the festive season. We’d consider this Christmas rolling pin cookie recipes easy, but it does also depend on your skill level as a baker! 

Christmas Rolling Pin Cookie Recipe

Finally, the Christmas cookie recipe to end all cookie recipes! These sugar biscuits will steal the show at this year’s festive feast, so don’t whip them out too early in the evening or there will be one sadly untouched turkey. 

For these embossed Christmas sugar biscuits you’ll need:


  1. Preheat your oven to at least 350F
  2. Mix all of the ingredients together and roll into a stiff ball
  3. Flour a flat surface and roll out the dough using a regular rolling pin (or wine bottle)
  4. Sprinkle more flour, and now roll your embossed pin over the dough 
  5. When you’re happy with the pattern, use traditional cookie cutters (or the rim of a glass) to cut out your cookies
  6. Place onto a well-greased baking tray and bake for 20 minutes before transferring to a cooling rack
  7. Decorate your cookies with icing, candy, chocolate or food coloring if desired

Christmas Rolling Pin Reviews

With a quick Google search, you’ll find many a Christmas rolling pin video to instruct you exactly how to use these gorgeous tools, and what to expect from the different varieties on the market. 

Baking enthusiasts are quick to review products that they feel either enhanced or deteriorated their kitchen experience. In fact, baking in general is one of the most searched niche sectors on the entire internet ecosystem. 

With a quick search of the product you are interested in, you’ll find a plethora of personal accounts from people who are either over the moon with their purchase, or those who are severely disappointed. This is good news, because it pretty much paves the way for a sure-investment on your part when it comes time to choose one brand from another. 

Always check out the reviews when purchasing baking equipment intended for decorative purposes. The industry is flooded with cheap, knock-off tools that aren’t able to perform in the ways they are intended. 

Where to Buy Christmas Rolling Pins

Looking for pins online is generally a location specific endeavor. For example, searching Christmas rolling pin Ireland is better than a general search, as it will link you to suppliers nearby as opposed to the mass-producing ones located in the far east. These pins could be of sound quality, but they will take ages to reach you in the western side of the world. 

Finding pins near you pretty much levels up the quality and integrity of the product, as locally made tools are less likely to have been mass produced in a factory. Here are some alternative spots to search for pins both online and in-store:

Christmas Rolling Pin on Amazon

embossed rolling pin and cookies

Amazon is a Mecca for baking supplies, and one can generally have their decorative Christmas rolling pins delivered to wherever they are in the world. That said, there is a lot of unsuitable items being sold on Amazon, as the site is not really regulated when it comes to quality or product integrity. 

For this reason, one should always use the customer feedback section on Amazon prior to committing to a purpose. As we said, the baking community is an active one, and they generally speak up very quickly when they feel a product has not delivered on what it claimed to offer. 

Reviews first, purchase second — this is all you need to know when shopping for Christmas rolling pins on Amazon!

Christmas Rolling Pin on Shopify

Sourcing a Christmas rolling pin Canada doesn’t get much more convenient than Shopify. The Canadian e-commerce platform has headquarters in Ontario, and works to connect buyers with sellers on a grand scale. 

Their range of rolling pins is quite impressive, if we do say so ourselves. Take your time enjoying the different brands and patterns on offer. This is also a great site to use for Christmas sets that include additional tools such as cutters and carvers!

We love Shopify as the site is heavily regulated. It’s very difficult for retailers to get away with selling subpar products at exorbitant prices. There is always someone behind the scenes making sure retailers hold up their end of the deal, and that your products arrive safely and payments are taken securely. 

Christmas Rolling Pin at Walmart

Walmart is a great place to find Christmas rolling pin Australia or in the United States. We love this franchise because it makes in-store purchasing a lot more fun that regular sized baking shops. 

Walmart realized early on that there was a major marking for baking goods and tools amongst their customers. Their baking section is extensive and stocked with (generally) high quality tools that won’t break the bank. 

Here, you’ll get to see the rolling pins in person, and actually hold them in your hands before committing to buy. This makes a difference, as the weight of a rolling pin is important, as is the material from which it is made. The downside with shopping in store is that you lose the benefit of reviews from past customers, but you can also do a quick brand search on your phone in-store to be sure there are no red flags around the brand in question!

Christmas Rolling Pin on eBay

For a quick delivery of a Christmas rolling pin UK, we recommend none other than eBay. This e-commerce platform operates very similarly to Amazon in terms of variety within the baking niche, and you’ll also have the addition of the past customer feedback on each product. 

Like with Amazon, don’t make purchases from here without reading the reviews first. Also, never purchase from a seller who has no previous sales to their name and no seller rating — this is a eBay red flag and generally means the seller is making new accounts so that buyers can’t see the negative feedback their products have racked up!

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