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11 Best Rolling Pins With Designs (2023)

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Calling all baking enthusiasts far and wide! Today we’re talking about rolling pins!

Not just any rolling pins either, but rather baking aids from the future: rolling pins with designs. Stay tuned for a roundup of 11 of the best that are currently on the market. Let’s roll!

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Rolling Pins with Designs
    • Antique Rolling Pins with Designs
    • French Rolling Pin with Designs
    • Fondant Rolling Pin with Designs
    • Kitchen Rolling Pin with Designs
  • 11 Best Rolling Pins with Designs
    • Best Design Rolling Pin for Birthdays
    • Best Design Rolling Pin for Christmas
    • Best Design Rolling Pin for Love
    • Best Design Rolling Pin for Girls
    • Best Design Rolling Pin for Tea Parties
    • Best Design Rolling Pin for Animals
    • Best Design Rolling Pin for Any Occasion
    • Best Design Rolling Pin for Personalized 
    • Best Design Rolling Pin for Boys
    • Best Design Rolling Pin for Halloween
    • Best Design Rolling Pin for Easter
  • How to Properly Care for Rolling Pins with Designs
  • Best Place to Buy Rolling Pins with Designs

Rolling Pins with Designs

What are rolling pins with designs? Well, the key is very much in the name with this one. Design-rich rolling pins are creative banking tools that allow you to roll out biscuits, pastries or fondants, while leaving behind intricate patterns and designs embossed into the dough itself. 

Yes, this is a sure way to level up any kind of conventional baking; edible goods that have designs rolled into them tend to turn more heads than those that don’t. What’s great about a rolling pin with design, is that they are usually holiday themed, which really tends to wow the crowd. 

embossed pins

Think holiday cookies baked with snowflakes, stockings, and candy canes embossed into the mix, or an Easter tart featuring eggs, bunnies and ribbons baked right into the facade. You need to see it to believe it, and we intend to show you the variety of options that are currently available. 

Antique Rolling Pins with Designs

Believe it or not, design rolling pins are not all that new of a trend within the baking world. In fact, they have been around long enough that some people are hoarding ones that would today qualify as “antique”. 

Back in the day, carpenters and general hobbyists would take regular wooden rolling pins and carve detailed images into the wood, so that when said pin was pressed into dough, the dough would take on the images presented. 

Because these were all hand-carved (today’s renditions are laser carved), the designs were usually haphazard and mismatched, as carving a repetitive pattern by hand was far too time consuming.

Popular images one can find on genuine antique rolling pins include Dutch windmills, cherries, zodiac symbols, birds, flowers and small animals. 

French Rolling Pin with Designs

French? Why French? Interestingly, French rolling pins are very different to the one you likely had in your childhood home. Contemporary pins consist of a cylindrical object suspended on an inner rod, around which it can rotate and roll. 

French pins, on the other hand, are one solid cylinder, and do not have handles or internal bearings upon which to spin. Basically, they are just a tight-grained wooden rod, usually thinner toward the edges and thicker in the center. 

It wasn’t common to find such rolling pins made with designs on them, however the industry is picking up and more brands are coming out with their French-inspired editions. 

Fondant Rolling Pin with Designs

What is the difference between a regular rolling pin and a fondant rolling pin? Well, because of the nature of the product, fondant rollers tend to need to be a lot smaller than regular pins, and they are also typically made from plastic as opposed to wood. 

You see, fondant can be a tricky substance to work with as is, without the addition of an embossed roller. Rolling patterns and designs into fondant isn’t easy, so the lightweight nature of plastic rollers makes for a more streamlined process through which it is unlikely that the fondant will be damaged or squashed out too heavily. 

Kitchen Rolling Pin with Designs

Traditional kitchen rolling pins are now being sold far and wide featuring just about any themed design you can think of. Christmas? Valentine’s? A birthday? There is a wooden pin to match and for (typically) small fees you really can collect them all. 

rolling pin with design

Unlike French rollers, kitchen rollers have handles, inner axles, and cylindrical bodies. They roll while your hands stay in place, essentially, making for less work for both you and the pin.

Sometimes these rollers even feature personalized messages that can be rolled into your baked goods; “Merry Christmas”, “Made with love”, and “Welcome home” are all pretty common finds. 

11 Best Rolling Pins with Designs

Best Design Rolling Pin for Birthdays

Happy Birthday Embossed Rolling Pin

Happy Birthday Embossed Rolling Pin

Say Happy Birthday over and over again with this embossed rolling pin. The extra deep nature of the carvings mean that this pin works on even the thickest of doughs. 

Made with beech wood, this pin is completely safe and non toxic. If you’re baking for a loved one, this really does add something truly memorable to the sentiment, and that said, these pins actually make for great gifts to avid bakers! 

Best Design Rolling Pin for Christmas

Embossed Reindeer Rolling Pin

Embossed Reindeer Rolling Pin

Moving on to a different kind of festivity; Christmas time means more opportunities to bake than any other time of year. Theme your entire edible creation using a Christmas pattern rolling pin, just like this one. 

Featuring a symmetrical array of deer and elks between Christmas trees, this pin takes Christmas cookies to the next level. It has received great reviews from those who have come before us, which is reassuring. “The grandkids just loved it,” said someone's granny in the comments! 

Best Design Rolling Pin for Love

Embossed Hearts Rolling Pin

embossed rolling pin with hearts

We nearly fell over when we found this adorable love heart dream roller — it looks like Barbie herself carved it by hand whilst thinking of her very special Valentine. 

Made from authentic beech wood, this is a heavy-duty pin that is of the utmost quality. That explains the hefty price tag compared to other brands that opt for less dense wood.

Use this pin to make picture perfect embossed cookies for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or even as a homemade wedding gift for a special couple. 

Best Design Rolling Pin for Girls

Embossed Stars Rolling Pin

stars rolling pin

Nothing says shoot for the stars quite like a baking tool covered in hundreds of them. This rolling pin won our pick for the best pin for little girls, as they simply love the intricacy of the design and getting involved with it in the kitchen. 

The design itself makes for a wonderful element for children’s party themes, or even just a night of baking with mum/granny in the kitchen. This pin has an usually large surface area compared to others on the market; bear this in mind when it becomes tempting to complain about the price tag. 

Best Design Rolling Pin for Tea Parties

Folk Dove Rolling Pin

folk dove rolling pin

Nothing says ‘welcome to my tea party’ quite like folk doves kissing, right?

This charming design adds a talking point to any gathering, and it is one of the more unique floral/bird patterns that we’ve been able to find. Again, the surface area of this product is bigger than other brands, so don’t let the heavier price tag deter you — this is a must for any serious baker. 

Best Design Rolling Pin for Animals

Embossed Paw Print Rolling Pin

paw print embossed rolling pin

Since global lockdowns, baking for your pets has become a household phenomenon in many parts of the world. Dogs like biscuits too, and following a diet appropriate recipe makes it pretty easy to make homemade treats and save some pennies. 

Why not be a little extra and embellish the treats while you’re at it? Your dog definitely won’t know the difference, but your Instagram followers (who you’re 100% going to show) will. What’s more, this is also a pretty funny design to gift to humans!

Best Design Rolling Pin for Any Occasion

Embossed Paisley Rolling Pin

paisley rolling pin

A great first investment when it comes to these baking aids would be something that you can pretty much use for any occasion. There is nothing more versatile in the baking world than that of ornate patterns with floral intricacies. 

This rolling pin says “Congratulations on your pregnancy”, while simultaneously also says “Sorry you lost your job”. No matter what message you need to relay, let this baking pin help you do it. 

Best Design Rolling Pin for Personalized

Personalized Rolling Pin

personalized rolling pin

This is a wonderful addition to any kitchen, as well as a really thoughtful gift for avid bakers who you know would appreciate this as part of their tool collection. There is no limit as to what you can write; make it meaningful, quirky, cryptic, or even downright cheeky — why not?

Best Design Rolling Pin for Boys

Dinosaur Rolling Pin

dinosaur rolling pin

Boys like baking too, okay! Treat your little one to this collectable rolling pin, embossed with three dinosaur friends who are sure to bring fun into the kitchen.

Look for eco-friendly brands that are BPA free and contain zero phthalates or chemicals, which is essential when baking with or for little ones. 

Best Design Rolling Pin for Halloween

Halloween Rolling Pin

halloween rolling pin

Themed foods are a must at Halloween — there is no way around this. This holiday is all about sweet treats and some good old fashioned scares, so take care of the former using a theme-appropriate pin to embellish your baked goods.

We just love the detail in this design: the ghosts, pumpkins, hats and even candelabras make for one spooky story. If you have the patience, you can ice each symbol differently once the biscuits are baked, and really wow the crowds come October 31st. 

Best Design Rolling Pin for Easter

Easter Egg Rolling Pin

easter egg rolling pin

The last of the mainstream holidays, Easter deserves a dedicated pin just like the rest!

The simple design of the repetitive egg may seem too straightforward, but once you realize that each row of eggs is a different design, this pattern starts to be more pleasing on the eye.

How to Properly Care for Rolling Pins with Designs

We hear from a lot of people who complain about the rapid deterioration of their rolling pins. Consequently, it’s the same people who are sticking their dirty pins into the dishwasher, and completely compromising the structural integrity of the wood and inner mechanics over time. 

Wooden rolling pins last a lot longer if you treat them with gentle care. All you need to do is give your pin a gentle rise after use, or (at most) offer a light scrub using soap and warm water.

If there is persistent product embedded within the design of your rolling pin, we recommend using a kebab stick (or something of equal shape) to softly dig out the residue, taking care not to damage the wood in any way or warp the existing design. 

Never use hot water to clean a wooden rolling pin: this is a one way ticket to warped wood and a faulty product. 

Best Place to Buy Rolling Pins with Designs

Embossedco.com has an excellent assortment of embossed rolling pins for all of your baking needs!

When it comes to design rolling pins, and the creative baking niche in general, these three platforms are everyone’s best friend. Aside from having just about every design one could dream up, the platforms offer very reliable trading tools, shipping services and customer feedback.

If a rolling pin is not up to standard, you’ll know within minutes of reading through the public feedback sections, over which active sellers have no manipulation. 

Rolling pins on these platforms can sell for as little as a few dollars, and can also venture into the luxury categories. So no matter how much you have to spend, there is a pin out there for you. 

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